At Chapter 67 we are working hard to improve the lives of federal employees by defending our rights, improving benefits and working hard to communicate it all effectively to employees.

Our new text service will allow us to send information directly to your phone. At most we will only send one text a month (excluding extreme circumstances).

The service is completely free to join. NTEU Chapter 67 is providing this as a courtesy for all the employees in Ogden Campus.

We have three (3) groups you can join. You may join one or all three, it is up to you and your interests.

Group 1 = NTEU67

  * The primary use of this group is to send up-to-date information regarding upcoming events, meetings and benefits.

Group 2 = NTEU67Seasonal

  * The main function of this group is to provide specific information to seasonal employees. Some examples of the types of communications would be upcoming furloughs or information during a furlough.

Group 3 = NTEULegislation

  * The members of this group will receive information regarding positive and/or harmful legislation regarding federal employees with information on how to get involved in democracy.

To join a group and get up-to-date information directly to your phone:

Step 1: Text the group name (for example: NTEU67) to 41411

Step 2: Reply with your full name

Step 3: All done! You are now ready to receive information directly to your phone

**Please note** You may opt-in, or opt-out at any time.

[Text NTEU67 to 41411][Text NTEU67SEASONAL to 41411]


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