Happy Labor Recognition Week 

[www.NTEU.org][Message from Tony Reardon NTEU's National President]During NTEU’s annual Labor Recognition Week, we celebrate the contributions of all unionized federal employees who are on the front lines, delivering services to America.

Even in tough times, your dedication does not waver and you belong to an elite group of citizens who chose public service. Your daily work is why the United States has the best civil service in the world.

You belong to the federal workforce because you decided that serving our country was a noble goal. You keep it safe and healthy. You protect our financial systems and assist taxpayers. You feed schoolchildren and safeguard intellectual property rights. You belong to a group of like-minded people who see value in the mission of each of the 31 agencies where NTEU represents employees. Read the complete message

Article originally appeared on NTEU Chapter 67 (http://www.nteu67.org/).
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