Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week

This week, Public Service Recognition Week, we celebrate public employees and all you do for Americans. This recognition is especially meaningful during such uncertain times for federal employees.

In an opinion piece published by Federal News Radio, National President Tony Reardon said that he believes the noble calling to public service is making a comeback. Read his entire column here.

You and your colleagues display that calling each and every day. It is evident in your commitment to assisting taxpayers, feeding schoolchildren and protecting consumers in banking and investing. It is clear in your dedication to putting healthy food on the table and safe drugs in medicine cabinets and in your actions to provide clean air and safe water for all Americans. It can be witnessed in your efforts at the border to meet the dual missions of security and legal trade and tourism. And, there is so much more.

This country is stronger because of the efforts of federal employees and NTEU is proud to stand with you this week and every week.

Read a message from President Reardon to NTEU members.

“...to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.”

Article originally appeared on NTEU Chapter 67 (http://www.nteu67.org/).
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