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How Congress creates a bill and turns it into a law:

  1. The House of Representatives is determined by the population in each state.
  2. Reprensetatives are elected to serve for a period of 2 years.
  3. Total number of voting Representatives is 435.
  1. Each state has 2 represenatives in the Senate regardless of the population.
  2. Sentaors are elected for a 6 year period.
  3. The total number of Senators is 100.
  • How a "Bill" is made:
  1. A “Bill” is introduced when a member of Congress decides to create a new law.  Any member of Congress can introduce a bill. Only members of the House may introduce bills that deal with taxes or spending.  Before a bill can become law, both houses of Congress must pass identical versions of the bill.
  2. Once a bill is introduced in either house, it goes through almost the same process.  Each bill is first assigned to a committee for review.  The bill is sent to the entire house for debate if the committee decided the bill is was worthy of further action. 
  3. If the bill passes, it is sent to the opposite house fir approval.  A joint committee may attempt to work out any differences the two houses have. When both houses agree on the bill, the Speaker of the House and the Vice President sign it.  The bill must be signed before being sent to the President.
  4. A bill becomes law if the president signs it. If the President decides to veto the bill it is sent back to Congress. 
  5. If a bill achieves two thirds majority of all the members of Congress the bill will become the law, regardless of a veto.
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