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IRS Funding Cut for fifth consecutive year

I am deeply disappointed in Congress’ decision to slash the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) budget to $10.9 billion—a reduction of 3 percent. In fact, this is the fifth consecutive year that Congress has cut the IRS budget, while staffing declines and workloads mount. These cuts are devastating to the IRS’ ability to accomplish its mission. The original House-passed bill, which would have funded the IRS at an irresponsible $9.8 billion, a reduction of $1.5 billion below the current level, made it nearly impossible for the Senate to keep its proposed increase of $236 million in the final bill.

Since the IRS collects 93 percent of the revenue that funds all of government, this should be of grave concern to every American. Congress has made it very difficult for the IRS to operate effectively and for employees to do their jobs. NTEU was very vocal in its objections to these cuts and will now work with the agency to minimize the impact on the IRS workforce. 

                                                                            -Colleen M. Kelley NTEU National President

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