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Support for Federal Pay and Pensions Grows

9 Republicans in the House join more than 100 House Democrats in their support for federal employees. In a letter that was sent on June 17 to the House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Keven McCarthy, it was noted that over 30% of all federal employees are military veterans. Also, noting that such changes would break a promise made by the United States to current and retired employees.

Federal employees have already suffered pay freezes, reduced pay increases, increased contributions to retirement, and unpaid furloughs. The letter cited past legislation that has already cost $182 billon to federal employees.

The President’s FY 2018 budget proposal would:

  • Increase retirement contributions by 6% with no additional benefit. This equals an immediate and permanent 6% pay cut.
  • Reduce (CSRS) or eliminate (FERS) the cost of living increase for current or future federal retirees.
  • Adjust the retirement calculation from the highest 3 years of salary to 5 years. Which would lower your expected retirement payments.

At the end of the letter the 9 House Republicans state; No one needs to remind us of the deficit and debt problem our nation faces, but federal employees are an easy political target. In more ways than one, they have already repeatedly given at the office.”

With growing support for the federal workforce, it is somewhat assuring to know that attempts to go after pay and pensions again will be met with bi-partisan resistance.

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