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Accounts Management Employees Back Pay Arriving


A Message from NTEU on Hurricane Harvey

Message from the National President

NTEU Announces $30,000 in Matching Grant to Help Victims
Hurricane Harvey Impacting Federal Offices
and Employees

As Hurricane Harvey continues to threaten parts of Texas and Louisiana, NTEU’s thoughts are with the thousands of NTEU members in the storm's devastating path. 

When crisis hits, federal employees are often the first responders, and NTEU is working on multiple fronts to help those impacted by the hurricane’s powerful winds and flooding. 

NTEU is in close contact with our chapters in the affected areas and is working with agencies to ensure all employees are accounted for. We stand ready to deal with any workplace issues employees may encounter as a result of the storm, including administrative leave for office closures and time off to deal with storm damage. Here is information from the Office of Personnel Management about flexibilities, pay, benefits and other topics for affected employees.

NTEU recognizes those members who are required to work during this difficult time, including Customs and Border Protection Officers who were required to shelter in place at Houston's Hobby Airport.

As part of the union's commitment to helping federal employees in times of need, I am announcing a special emergency assistance initiative. NTEU will match—dollar for dollar—up to $30,000 in donations to a special fund that provides emergency assistance to federal employees of NTEU-represented agencies impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

All donations made to the NTEU Fund at the Federal Employees Education and Assistance (FEEA) Fund will be doubled—up to $30,000. FEEA is the only organization that provides emergency assistance solely to federal employees.

To apply for assistanceclick here.

To contribute to the NTEU Fundclick here. Donations can also be made by check made out to “FEEA-NTEU Fund” and sent to: FEEA Headquarters, 1641 Prince St., Alexandria, VA 22314. 

I will provide further updates as information is available. We encourage all federal employees and other area residents to heed local warnings and stay safe as response efforts continue. Please share this information with affected NTEU members.


Tony Reardon

National President




2017 NTEU National Convention

NTEU Chapter 67 attends the 2017 National Convention. Our chapter won 2nd overall among 31 agencies and departments in the nation for communication. Congratulations!



Reardon to Congress: Stop Cutting IRS Budget

Washington, D.C – Starving the Internal Revenue Service is counterproductive to deficit reduction and to the public because it hinders compliance with tax laws, makes it harder for taxpayers to reach anyone at the IRS and lowers the amount of revenue available to the federal government, the president of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) told Congress Wednesday.

“NTEU knows any further reductions in funding and staffing will further exacerbate the adverse impact previous cuts have had on IRS’ ability to provide taxpayers with the service they need and enforcement of our nation’s tax laws,” NTEU National President Tony Reardon said in testimony submitted to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government.

The subcommittee held a hearing on the fiscal year 2018 Treasury Department budget on Wednesday morning. NTEU is opposed to the administration’s FY 2018 budget because it calls for reducing IRS funding by an additional $260 million below the FY 2017 enacted level and reducing overall staffing by more than 4,200.

Reardon reminded the panel of the harm already done because the IRS has lost nearly 18,000 employees and $1 billion in operating funds since 2010.

There are fewer IRS professionals available to answer phone calls from taxpayers with questions; meet them in person; assist the poor or elderly with filling out their tax returns; combat fraud; and catch scofflaws.

In 2016 and 2017, Congress provided the IRS with an additional $290 million for customer service and to combat identity fraud, which drastically reduced taxpayer wait times and helped the IRS raise the level of service from 38 percent in 2015 to 72 percent and 79 percent respectively in 2016 and 2017.  The administration’s budget calls for reducing seasonal staffing costs by $239 million for the upcoming tax filing year.

According to the IRS, every dollar invested in IRS enforcement programs generates roughly $6 in increased revenues. In FY 2016, IRS enforcement activities brought in $54.3 billion, down almost $5 billion from the $59.2 billion of FY 2007.

“Without sufficient staffing to effectively enforce the law to ensure compliance with tax responsibilities and combat fraud, our voluntary tax compliance system is at risk,” Reardon wrote. “And as the IRS Commissioner has repeatedly noted, a simple one-percent decline in the compliance rate translates into $30 billion in lost revenue for the government.”

Reardon also testified about the tax gap of $450 billion in taxes that are owed but unpaid. 

“At a time when Congress is debating painful choices of program cuts and tax increases to address the federal budget deficit, NTEU believes it makes sense to invest in one of the most effective deficit reduction tools: collecting revenue that is owed, but hasn’t yet been paid,” Reardon wrote.

Finally, Reardon reiterated NTEU’s strong opposition to the renewed Congressional mandate that the IRS use for-profit private contractors to collect overdue federal tax debt, an idea that failed twice before in 1996 and 2006. It wastes money and increases opportunities for identity theft. It also replaces IRS professionals trained in tax compliance with contractors who work on commission, some of whom are known for treating taxpayers harshly and offering unsound financial advice.

“Subjecting taxpayers that are struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford legal representation to private contractors whose sole motivation is to maximize their own profits at the taxpayers’ expense is simply unfair,” Reardon wrote.

NTEU represents 150,000 employees at 31 federal agencies and departments. 




Read the NTEU Chapter 67 newsletter entitled 'The People's Voice' to stay informed on national and local news affecting federal employees.

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[details]The National Treasury Employees Union is urging the Trump administration not to get rid of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. The president’s 2018 budget proposes eliminating the program, which forgives remaining student loan balances for employees who work for a government or non-profit organization. But the administration said the program unfairly favors some career choices over others. NTEU said eliminating the program would prevent agencies from recruiting top talent. (National Treasury Employees Union)





Celebrating Public Service Recognition Week

This week, Public Service Recognition Week, we celebrate public employees and all you do for Americans. This recognition is especially meaningful during such uncertain times for federal employees.

In an opinion piece published by Federal News Radio, National President Tony Reardon said that he believes the noble calling to public service is making a comeback. Read his entire column here.

You and your colleagues display that calling each and every day. It is evident in your commitment to assisting taxpayers, feeding schoolchildren and protecting consumers in banking and investing. It is clear in your dedication to putting healthy food on the table and safe drugs in medicine cabinets and in your actions to provide clean air and safe water for all Americans. It can be witnessed in your efforts at the border to meet the dual missions of security and legal trade and tourism. And, there is so much more.

This country is stronger because of the efforts of federal employees and NTEU is proud to stand with you this week and every week.

Read a message from President Reardon to NTEU members.

“ ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.”



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