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* Please contact NTEU Chapter 67 at 801-620-6511 with any questions you may have.



Election candidates for NTEU Chapter 67:

Please note:

If you need a duplicate ballot or you are going to be absent during the month of May notify the election committee.

Ballots will be picked up June 3 at 11AM MT, and tallied June 3rd at 12PM MT in the Comfort Suites Boardroom in Ogden.



Visit from NTEU National President Tony Reardon


Notice of Upcoming Election for Chapter 67 members

Every 3 years NTEU Chapter 67 members vote for their elected leaders to represent them in the workplace and with the national NTEU office.

* This notice has been mailed to members that was in good standing as of March 3, 2017.

* Only members that remain in good standing until the end of election June 3, 2017 will be counted.

* All chapter 67 members are encouraged to participate in the election process and democracy overall.

For the full 'Notice of Election' including timelines please see: 

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Election 2017 - Update your home address soon

As NTEU Chapter 67 prepares for another election cycle, we want to remind our members to update your home address on the NTEU National website.

Without a correct home address on file there will be problems when the election committee sends nomination and ballot materials to you.




Hiring Freeze Counterproductive; Will hurt american people

WASHINGTON – National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) National President Tony Reardon called the action by the Trump Administration to freeze federal hiring “harmful and counterproductive.”

“A hiring freeze will be harmful and counterproductive, increasing backlogs, decreasing service quality and causing more frustration for Americans seeking help from their government,” said Reardon. “Our government depends upon highly-trained and experienced federal workers being able to carry on with their important work. This puts up a substantial roadblock for agencies.”

“Arbitrary cuts will leave agencies scrambling to serve the public. A hiring freeze takes away the agencies’ ability to make strategic decisions about their workforce,” said Reardon. “The American people rely on the work that federal workers do to protect our food, medicines, our air and water, to safeguard our nuclear weapons and our economy, to assist the most vulnerable senior citizens and young children, and to ensure taxpayers have the help they need.”

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reviewed a series of hiring freezes and concluded that they disrupted agency operations and diminished federal oversight of programs.

 A hiring freeze would have the opposite impact than intended and would decrease transparency, efficiency and accountability in the federal government. The loss of mission-critical skills, exacerbated by an impending retirement wave, is also a looming danger.

 “Attrition is already taking a heavy toll at many federal agencies as employees depart and there is no replacement to take on the work. Freezing federal hiring could lead to disastrous short-term and long-term impacts and the American people will suffer,” said Reardon. “Many of our agencies are already experiencing severe staffing shortages as a result of budget cuts and sequestration.”

NTEU represents 150,000 employees in 31 agencies and departments.

Press Release January 23, 2017

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NTEU Defends Employee Award Program

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NTEU Helps federal employees in crisis


Happy Labor Recognition Week 

[][Message from Tony Reardon NTEU's National President]During NTEU’s annual Labor Recognition Week, we celebrate the contributions of all unionized federal employees who are on the front lines, delivering services to America.

Even in tough times, your dedication does not waver and you belong to an elite group of citizens who chose public service. Your daily work is why the United States has the best civil service in the world.

You belong to the federal workforce because you decided that serving our country was a noble goal. You keep it safe and healthy. You protect our financial systems and assist taxpayers. You feed schoolchildren and safeguard intellectual property rights. You belong to a group of like-minded people who see value in the mission of each of the 31 agencies where NTEU represents employees. Read the complete message



At Chapter 67 we are working hard to improve the lives of federal employees by defending our rights, improving benefits and working hard to communicate it all effectively to employees.

Our new text service will allow us to send information directly to your phone. At most we will only send one text a month (excluding extreme circumstances).

The service is completely free to join. NTEU Chapter 67 is providing this as a courtesy for all the employees in Ogden Campus.

We have three (3) groups you can join. You may join one or all three, it is up to you and your interests.

Group 1 = NTEU67

  * The primary use of this group is to send up-to-date information regarding upcoming events, meetings and benefits.

Group 2 = NTEU67Seasonal

  * The main function of this group is to provide specific information to seasonal employees. Some examples of the types of communications would be upcoming furloughs or information during a furlough.

Group 3 = NTEULegislation

  * The members of this group will receive information regarding positive and/or harmful legislation regarding federal employees with information on how to get involved in democracy.

To join a group and get up-to-date information directly to your phone:

Step 1: Text the group name (for example: NTEU67) to 41411

Step 2: Reply with your full name

Step 3: All done! You are now ready to receive information directly to your phone

**Please note** You may opt-in, or opt-out at any time.

[Text NTEU67 to 41411][Text NTEU67SEASONAL to 41411]


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