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Entries in Article 13 (1)


Alert! Internal and External Job Openings (Article 13)

In the recent National Mid-Term Negotiations, NTEU was able to strengthen the
requirement for “first consideration” and allow employees to receive more information
upon request. When management announces jobs internally and externally at the same
time Article 13 Section 1B states, “The employer has determined that it will provide first
consideration to IRS employees for its bargaining unit vacancies by considering the Best
Qualified (BQ) candidates at all grades for which a position is announced.”
If you apply for these positions and you make the BQ list, but are not selected, and
management selects from the external announcement you have the right to request
information specific to the qualifications that management used in making their selection.
The information is ONLY available by request. The information will include:
  • Reasons for non-selection from the BQ list
  • Methods to improve chances for future vacancies
  • Qualifications used to select the external applicant
Article 13 Section 7 G2
“If the Employer elects to select a candidate from outside the IRS, the counseling will
include reasons for the selection (e.g., the candidate displayed superior communication
skills in the interview, the candidate possessed more job-related skills) and suggestions
on how the employee may be better prepared for similar opportunities in the Future.”
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