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Lunch and Learn ARKA building


NTEU Chapter 67 President, Jenny Brown talks sequester with NPR

"We keep being told things like, 'Work smarter, not harder.' Or, 'Well, you're just going to have to do more with less,' "- Jenny Brown, NTEU Chapter 67 President speaking with NPR about the effects Federal Employees have had to deal with from the sequester.

Click here to HEAR the full story that aired on NPR

Click here to READ the story on the NPR website


Furlough Statement from Chapter 67

"Both locally, here in Chapter-67 (Ogden Campus) and at the national level, we will continue to lobby and educate Congress on the ridiculousness of this sequester and these proposed unpaid furlough days." - Jenny Brown Chapter 67 President

For the full statement from Chapter 67 Click here

For the Question and Answersfrom National NTEU Click here

To Join NTEU and stand up for Federal Employees Click here, fill out the form and bring it into our office or contact us for delivery options


How Would Sequestration and Further Budget Cuts Affect You?

Help NTEU Tell Your Story!

NTEU wants to educate the media and taxpayers about the impact of the sequester and other looming budget cuts on federal employees and the public they serve. To help NTEU promote the federal employee perspective during this critical time, please take our brief survey no later than Wednesday, Feb. 20. The survey will also help NTEU communicate the effects of the current two-year pay freeze on federal employees and their families, as well the possible consequences from a furlough.


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NTEU is in agreement with a proposal to move the Data Team 203 from their current location. The benefits of this move will be twofold.

  • Business Reason: This will align the permanent employees together
  • Employee Satisfaction: The employees WILL NOT have to share desks when the seasonal employees return to work

The employees will receive 1 hour of Administrative time to move and if they need more time they will address this individually with their manager. They will move one row at a time so as to minimize the disruption to the area. The move will take place approximately, during the last week of January. If you have any questions please contact the Union office (801) 620-6511

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